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Tassl partners with organizations like yours to create a mobile network portal, making it easier than ever to get connected to meaningful experiences.
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Centralize Your Event Calendar

Easily search and register for events across your network and nearby. Get directions, message the host and connect with other attendees to exchange information. .

Discover Network Groups & Communities

Search groups nearby or by a specific interest to find like-minded people and opportunities.

Easily access
Resources & News

Tap into network resources and catch up on news all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Grow Your Network Connections

Find connections nearby, in groups, or by interests to build your network personally and professionally.


Create a Culture of Engagement

With Reward Loyalty

Your network can recognize top engagers with a reward loyalty program. Earn badges and points for completing different engagement goals in Tassl App.

Social Sign On

For simple sign on to your network profile. Use Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

Custom Configurations

With color themes, graphics, app icons and other configurations to fit your network's style and structure when we partner with your organization!


Making it easy to find opportunities around you and use mobile check-ins for events and programs.

Request your Network

See how Tassl App can bring your network together on mobile.