The Value Behind Your Network

While our networks can be complex, harnessing their value shouldn't be.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with information,
Tassl is bringing your network to your fingertips for free!

Simplifying your Admin

Tassl supports your group with easy-to-use management tools that will simplify your administrative work and collect the insights you need to run a smooth operation.

Leverage our event tools & check-ins, social sharing, and membership management features all from once centralized spot. Record post-event recaps and notes in your event management center to making planning next year’s events easier than ever!


Build Your Brand

With our customizable membership landing pages for both web and mobile, we offer all of the tools you need to build a strong online presence that inspires new connections and strengthens existing ones. Re-energize your Group with Membership Management Platform.

Our centralized membership database and leadership history tools streamlines knowledge-sharing, promoting collaboration among leaders, with your alumni association, and through leadership transitions.

Group Leader Tools

Event Attendance at the Touch of a Button

Ditch the spreadsheets and let Tassl do the work with our easy-to-use online Check-ins! Group admins and mobile attendees can check in through your phone, tablet or computer to automatically update your registration lists and attendance records.


Mobilize Your Network

Give your members easy access to your group’s resources, members, and events through our mobile app! Event attendees are also able to self check-in and connect with others after the event using Tassl App.

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