Our Mission.

To connect and engage the entire ecosystem of an alumni network and make it as easy as possible (and rewarding!) for alumni to tap into all available resources, connections, and events.


The Value Behind Your Network.

Let's face it. Alumni networks are complicated and often times we are being overly communicated to by our institutions. With Tassl, we are streamlining the way we communicate and tap into our networks to make sure anyone can easily access tools for personal and professional growth even after our college years are done!

Connect & Engage the Entire Network

Here at Tassl, we align with a school's network to be the perfect combinations of resources and connectivity.

Our partnerships with alumni groups, colleges, campuses, and alumni associations help us to better support
their alumni communities on Tassl and streamline relationship-building initiatives university-wide.

Learn more about how we support each piece of the alumni network and how you can get involved!

  • Alumni Group Leaders
  • Streamline all your administrative tasks to connect with your members and other alumni traveling to your area.
  • Tassl Group Leadership Software
  • Get empowered with simple integrated event, membership, and web presence software tools to handle all leadership responsibilities!
  • Explore Leadership Tools
  • Alumni
  • Easily tap into your network connections, resources, news and events anywhere you go with one mobile touch point--Tassl App.
  • Tassl App in iPhone
  • See how others are engaging in the network and get rewarded and recognized for your own engagements!
  • Explore Tassl App
  • Institutions
  • Understand new ways to build meaningful relationship with your alumni while providing resources, support, and value to your network.
  • Jumping Hurdles
  • Simplify the way you track and measure engagements to allocate resources appropriately and understand the impact of your programming!
  • Explore Alumni Relations Resources

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